Sam Claflin at the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

of course, the odds have not been very dependable of late

of course, the odds have not been very dependable of late

katniss is cold, rude, and not likable at all
yes because if your father died, if you watched your mother fall into depression, if you watched your family starve to death while also starving yourself, if you were treated like garbage your entire life because of your position in society WHICH WASNT EVEN DECIDED BY YOU, if you watched your little sister get reaped to her inevitable death and volunteered for her because you’d rather die and protect her, if you had to see so much blood that it haunted you every time you laid your head down at night, if you had to be reaped back into the arena, fight for your life and see even more blood, just to come out of it without any hope, thinking you’re going to be taken by the capitol and tortured, if you found out that your friends, people you saw day to day, innocent people, were set ablaze with firebombs, if you fought in a war and watched your friends die, watched your sister THE PERSON YOU TRIED SO HARD TO SAVE, BLOW UP RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, you would be jumping on rainbows and smiling every bit of the way???? i think not  (via mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou)

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Josh Hutcherson at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

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↳ stiles stilinski or peeta mellark

Tyler Posey: Professional Cheerleader


5 years old - after giving the bread to katniss - 1st book - hijacked - pos-mockingjay

And right now, the most dangerous part of the Hunger Games is about to begin.